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About Us

Combustion & Energy Systems (CES) is a pioneer in advanced energy recovery, and the inventors of the patented ConDex Condensing Economizer System.

We engineer & build condensing economizer systems, integrate heating processes and offer expert partnership for energy management t0 help our customers.

  • Reduce waste energy
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Save money
    on fuel costs
  • Recover clean water
  • Achieve
    operational efficiency
  • Increase plant capacity

Offices in North America and Europe

We work with multinational companies and institutions around the world to find the best ways to recover currently wasted heat and put that energy back to work.

The ConDex STORY
It's all about a better idea

  • Eliminated the need – And Cost – For Any Additional Heat Recovery – They Got it All!
  • Recovered water from the exhaust gas Can Be Reused
  • Reduced the amount of CO2, NOx, and SOx emitted to the atmosphere

Patented Clean Technology

To achieve it all, the system required much higher heat tolerances. No one thought it would last very long. But, with some advanced metallurgy, and two Clean-Tech patented processes, the ConDex engineers developed and installed a fully operational system.

The Proof is in the Numbers

From the beginning, the ConDex System outperformed all traditional heat recovery systems, including spray tower and conventional systems by every measure.

  • 30%+ more energy recovery
  • 18%+ improvement in boiler efficiency
  • 80%+ of water vapour in the exhaust gas recovered

"We Want One in All Our Plants"

That first system proved the efficacy, longevity and cost savings of the ConDex Economizers so well, our first clients began rolling them out to all their sites.

That immediate uptake helped fast-track system development and its suitability for a wide range of industry sectors.

Helping Businesses Around the World

Today, the ConDex Economizer System is the most effective and cost-efficient energy recovery system on the market. It helps global businesses in the following sectors reduce energy consumption, improve production capacity and maximize their ESG scores.


Oil and gas


energy plants


Oil seed
processing plants


Food & Chemical
production facilities


Pulp & Paper

Our Team

Meet the team behind Combustion & Energy Systems!

Headshot of president Dan Veitch

Dan Veitch

Headshot of VP Cam Veitch

Cam Veitch
Vice President

headshot of senior PM Sam Burrowes

Sean Burrowes, P. Eng
Senior Project Manager

headshot of Thomas Traikov, Senior Project Manager

Thomas Traikov, P. Eng
Senior Project Manager

headshot of PM Tony Leung

Tony Leung, P. Eng
Project Manager

headshot of Energy Solutions Designer Sam Gima

Sam Gima
System Technician

headshot of Joseph Richter, US National Sales Manager

Joseph Richter
US National Sales Manager

cartoon avatar of administrative person

Barbara White
Office Manager

Our Mission

To improve our customer’s operating efficiencies; lower their emissions and save them money on their fuel costs.


More efficient and profitable operations for our clients from systems that help improve the global environment.