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Troubleshooting & Support

From technical issues to ongoing
performance tracking, we’re here for you.

We understand how important it is that your processes operate at maximum efficiency and without interruption. That’s why we are always available to help resolve technical problems and give you the tools to effectively manage your energy consumption.

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How We Support Your Business

As our customer, you can rely on our support in every way possible to enable your business to
increase its energy efficiency and reap all the benefits that result.


From comprehensive start-up protocols, to fine-tuning system controls to your environment, we ensure that all equipment is working and performing to specifications or better.

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Fix & Advise

Our in-house ConDex specialists and our partner network of specialized industry leaders are your assurance that, if a piece of equipment fails or has issues, we have the expertise to have it repaired or replaced and advise on appropriate next steps.

Remote Monitoring

We offer continuous monitoring and data logging for your key performance indicators. With features such as remote access and alarm notifications, you can rest assured knowing that your equipment is operating at maximum efficiency.

Energy Management

Yes, the ConDex Energy Recovery System dramatically reduces energy consumption. But knowing where that recovered energy is best applied, and how to apply it best, requires research, analysis and strategic planning.

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