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ConDex Condensing Economizers

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The most effective waste heat recovery system available, tailored to maximize your efficiency, reduce emissions, reduce operating costs and increase plant capacity.

The ConDex Energy Recovery System recovers massive amounts of thermal energy that is otherwise lost in flue gas from boilers, turbines, ovens, dryers, etc., and returns it directly to your process and operations.

waste heat recovery

Energy Recovery Perfected - And Guaranteed!

Awarded two Clean-Tech patents, the The ConDex System utilizes specialized metallurgy, and proprietary design engineering to significantly enhance the heat transfer process. It recovers over 30% more energy versus other heat recovery systems.

Smaller Footprint

The ConDex System is more compact than standard systems, and will not interfere with your existing processes.

Scalable to Every Configuration

Single ConDex units can be customized to recover energy from one or multiple-stack sources on a fully modulating basis.

95%+ Boiler Efficiency

By lowering exhaust gas temperatures below their dew point, ConDex Systems recover both sensible and latent heat, making 95%+ boiler efficiency attainable.

We Guarantee It

Your ConDex system’s energy recovery performance is guaranteed. And we also guarantee our exchangers against corrosion from flue gas condensation.


ConDex condensing economizers are proven to achieve efficiency levels that are impossible to reach with traditional economizers. The patented ConDex System offers many advantages over traditional energy recovery methods

30%+ More
Energy Recovery

The ConDex System uses recovered waste energy to heat water or working fluids upwards of 95 C / 200 F.

Faster Payback

The remarkable increase in efficiency means that your ConDex System pays for itself in less time – often within a year or two.

Cleaner Water

The unit won’t contaminate your process water. Unaffected water exiting the exchanger is ready for sanitary processes without need for costly chemical treatments.

More Water Recovered

Water is created in any combustion process and approximately 18% of natural gas exhaust is water vapor – the ConDex system will recover most of it for you to reuse.

Lower C02 Emissions

Lower energy consumption and increased emissions captured in the ConDex system means fewer harmful emissions, including NOx, SOx and CO2 greenhouse gases.

Meet Your ESG Obligations

By increasing plant efficiency and reducing emissions, ConDex Condensing Economizer Systems also help organizations address their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) obligations.

Lower Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Costs

More energy recovery means less demand on your fired equipment. In addition to lower operating costs, you’ll enjoy less downtime too.

Increase Plant Capacity

The efficiencies you get from a ConDex System let you increase output without increasing your budgets.

How ConDex Systems Recover More Energy

The answer is in the name. Water CONDensation and more heat EXchange. Our two Clean Tech patents make it possible for ConDex Systems to capture more energy from exhaust gases.

By cooling flue gas below its dew point, previously wasted water vapour is recovered as condensate, ready for reintegration into your processes.

  • Approximately 18% of the energy created during the combustion process goes towards instantly vaporizing the water created when hydrogen in the fuel and oxygen in the combustion air combine.
  • In a patented process, ConDex Systems use advanced metallurgy to capture more of the lost heat energy than standard economizers.
  • The result is even more recovered energy and a reliable source of processed water


  • Instead of using live energy to heat cold incoming process water, the ConDex System uses the recovered energy to heat process water.
  • The system recovers so much heat energy from exhaust gases, the gases are cooled below their dew point
  • The recovered water also removes CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHG) from the exhaust.

Because using more of the energy you pay
for makes more sense.

ConDex System Configurations

ConDex Systems are available in a variety of configurations to suit your specifications.


Our standard system uses a forced draft fan to draw flue gas from one or multiple stacks through the condensing heat exchanger, then exhausts the cooled gas to atmosphere via a separate stack. Modulating control dampers ensure that all of the available flue gas is captured and a maximum amount of waste heat is recovered.


We offer in-stack cylindrical configurations for individual boilers as well as full package cylindrical systems, both with all the condensing heat recovery benefits of our standard systems.


Ideal for smaller industrial boilers, our Microbox units are an in-stack condensing waste heat recovery solution with exceptional value.

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