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Reducing energy consumption around the world

Patented cleantech To Increase Energy Efficiency & Reduce Emissions

Condex Benefits

The ConDex Condensing Economizer System

Lower your operating costs while increasing capacity with unprecedented energy efficiency, emissions reductions and fuel savings all in one solution. We engineer, manufacture and integrate custom ConDex Condensing Economizer Systems which allow our customers to put waste energy back to work.

“The ConDex System has paid for itself several times over since its installation. The weekly steam requirement for the make-up water has been cut from 800,000 lbs/hr to 400,000 lbs/hr, providing significant energy savings and emissions reduction. We love it.”

Doug Dittburner Utilities Lead - Unilever Canada


ConDex condensing economizers are proven to achieve efficiency levels that are impossible to reach with traditional economizers. The patented ConDex System offers many advantages over traditional energy recovery methods

30%+ More
Energy Recovery

The ConDex System uses recovered waste energy to heat water or working fluids upwards of 95 C / 200 F.

Faster Payback

The remarkable increase in efficiency means that your ConDex System pays for itself in less time – often within a year or two.

Cleaner Water

The unit won’t contaminate your process water. Unaffected water exiting the exchanger is ready for sanitary processes without need for costly chemical treatments.

More Water Recovered

Water is created in any combustion process and approximately 18% of natural gas exhaust is water vapor – the ConDex system will recover most of it for you to reuse.

Lower C02 Emissions

Lower energy consumption and increased emissions captured in the ConDex system means fewer harmful emissions, including NOx, SOx and CO2 greenhouse gases.

Meet Your ESG Obligations

By increasing plant efficiency and reducing emissions, ConDex Condensing Economizer Systems also help organizations address their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) obligations.

Lower Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Costs

More energy recovery means less demand on your fired equipment. In addition to lower operating costs, you’ll enjoy less downtime too.

Increase Plant Capacity

The efficiencies you get from a ConDex System let you increase output without increasing your budgets.

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Find out more about ConDex Condensing Economizer Systems and all the advantages they offer over standard heat recovery systems.

How we do it

What we do

Simply put, we work with our customers to reduce their energy consumption by recovering waste heat and seamlessly integrating that energy back into their processes.

Custom Energy
Recovery Systems

The ConDex Condensing Economizer System is tailored to maximize energy recovery, cost savings and plant capacity. Our end-to-end solution means we engineer, manufacture, and support your system.


We ensure the smooth integration of your recovered waste energy with your existing heating processes.

Full Package

We can supply all necessary equipment, including the control system and programming. You won’t find a condensing economizer capable of the same performance anywhere else.


We are just a phone call away to support your energy recovery systems, from initial start-up procedures and troubleshooting to maintaining the highest levels of efficiency and cost savings.

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How it works

To ensure that your ConDex System recovers maximum energy and reduces costs as much as possible, we take the following steps to tailor your system to your plant and infrastructure.

Tell Us About Your Existing System & Goals

The more we know about your existing systems
and your goals for energy consumption, the
better we can tailor your solution.

Give Us The Details

Provide us with the operational data and information we need to design your custom ConDex System.

Develop Your Solution

Based on your existing systems and our analysis, we
develop a solution to meet your objectives and tune it to
meet your key performance requirements and operating characteristics.


Following your acceptance of our proposal, we will assist with the startup of your ConDex system if required to ensure smooth implementation and integration with your systems and processes.

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How it Works

Check out how we helped businesses just like yours reduce energy consumption and save money.

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