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Oil and Gas Production

We service oil field production and mining facilities in their efforts to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

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Lower your operating costs while increasing capacity with unprecedented energy efficiency, emissions reductions and fuel savings all in one solution. We engineer, manufacture and integrate custom ConDex Condensing Economizer Systems that allow you to put waste energy back to work.

Our Services


  • Energy Production Facilities
  • Oil and Gas extraction sites

Pacific Gas & Electric


ConDex system utilized to heat boiler make up water from 55°F up to 187°F with recovered energy from multiple boilers exhaust gas, after economizers. System recovers 7,800,000 BTU/hr on average, with peaks of over 10,000,000 BTU/hr.

  • Annual average fuel cost savings: $696,000.00
  • Annual CO2 emission reductions: 4,592 Tons
  • Annual NOx emission reductions: 3.0 Tons
  • Payback: Less than 1 year

Oil Mining Operations - Alberta Oil Sands

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